By hiring SeaSafari you agree to comply with the conditions mentioned on this site.

Passenger’s obligation

It is the responsibility of passengers to inform the driver of relevant information for the trip. It is also passengers’ responsibility to notify the driver prior to departure in case of pregnancy, neck- back- hip- or knee disorders. Examples where it can be harmful to travel is during pregnancy, neck- back- hip- or knee disorders. Traveling with SeaSafari can be compatible with vibration and heavy shocks. The driver is entitled to, at some circumstances, refuse passengers to travel due to pregnancy or physical disorders.

The driver also has the right to refuse passenger under influence of alcohol or drugs or those who for any reasons may cause danger the ship, crew or other passengers.

Each situation is assessed individually and on scene. It is for each passenger, as per Swedish maritime law chapter 15 §7-9 to act and follow the driver’s directions and instructions before, during and after the trip. Passengers who fail to comply with driver’s directions and instructions will be rejected and denied journey.


Passengers who are dissatisfied with the trip shall promptly and without delay make a claim. Complaints regarding the trip must be made to the driver in direct connection with completion of the trip. If the trip is canceled by SeaSafari due to bad weather or breakdown of any kind passengers will be compensated by a new journey on a later occasion, SeaSafari does not compensate other economic damage caused by the cancellation. SeaSafari reserves for any deviations in the time of arrival or departure and can not held guilty for any economic damage caused thereby.


SeaSafari is liable for damages as per Swedish Maritime Law (1994:1009) with the restrictions that follows. SeaSafari is not responsible for damage due solely to passengers’ health or other circumstances beyond SeaSafari’s control. SeaSafari cannot be held liable in relation to passengers for errors or damages of any kind due to circumstances beyond SeaSafari’s control.

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