Combat Boat 90E

Storebro Combat Boat 90E is an 11.9 meter long shallow boat with a plastic hull and water jet, which was developed by the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration and Storebro Bruks AB as Stridsbåt 90E. In the engine room there is a powerful diesel engine, Scania DSI14 V8, equipped with a twin turbo that generates a total of 800 hp.

The Combat Boat has room for 12 guests and 1 driver. It can dock both with the side and with the bow, which is suitable in the Stockholm archipelago. The seats in the boat are designed in a way that is both comfortable and safe.

Red One II

This is a 59 foot motor yacht suitable for 12 passengers.

It is a comfortable yacht that also works for longer tours in the archipelago.


She is one of the most powerful RIB in the area.  Powered with twin Verado 350hp she is capable of speeds above 60 knots.

Onboard you will find safety and lifesaving equipment, electronic sea chart, VHF and high speed radar. She is registrated for 12 passengers.

Additional informaton

SeaSafari RIBs are manufactured for offshore condition and can handle waves far bigger then the ones we meet in the archipelago of stockholm. They are rigged for maximum manouevrability and acceleration which meas that the boats performance in turns and manouevers are hard to beat and way beyond any other conventional pleasure boat.

The engines 4-stroke technique and in complience with the worlds strictes emission requirements and certified by CARB – californina Air Resource BoardBåtarna.

RIB Rundtur

 690 kr / person

RIB Tour

 690 sek/ person



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