RIB Seafood Tour!

Seafood, Outer Archipelago and RIB Tour, world class combination!

Along with Melander’s Seafood we now offer the archipelago’s best picnic packages, Melander’s tour! We combine a lovely and action packed RIB tour in the archipelago with the season’s best seafood from Melander’s Seafood. We bring everything from lobster, smoked shrimp and salmon to bread, cheese and aioli.

This tour takes you all the way out until the horizon opens up, and we reach the outer archipelago with its characteristic scale and rugged terrain. If everything goes well there is a chance for seal safari!

  • Time required about 5 hours.
  • The activity is feasible from early spring until late autumn
  • Extraordinary experience.
  • Excluding softdrinks
  • Options available for allergies

Price: Stockholm, abt 5 h, Sek 15 000:-/boat and 695:-/person.

Prices refer to one (1) boat with capacity for 12 passengers. All prices exclude VAT.

The price includes of course all the necessary equipment such as flotation suit, life jacket and goggles. The boats are always manned by two experienced and certified crew.

Minimum 10 people. Groups over 36 people on quotation

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